Friday, January 14, 2011

Almost 10 months!!!!!

I can't believe my baby is almost 10 months!!!!!! It's gone by so fast!
He is doing wonderful! Vinny started crawling AND pulling him self up onto EVERYTHIING between 8 and 9 months and there is no stopping him now.
Vincent's specialist evaluation with the famous Dr. Pauli went so wonderfully. Vinny has thankfully had no health complications associated with his dwarfism. He is exceedingly above average in almost every way! Next week is his sleep study. I am so nervous but everything will be okay, it always is.

Life is good. I love my husband I love my son and I love my family.

A special shout out to my Husband. I love you and I am thankful for you everyday. Thank you for helping me keep it together. We got this.

Love we have recieved.....

I decided to cut and copy some of the letters we received from fans of the Discovery show.. Thank you everyone for your kind words and appreciation. I never thought our episode would affect so many people...

  • Hi! I saw your special about your pregnancy and your son. I just wanted to say that I think you guys are a great couple and your son is just beautiful. I wish you lots of luck, love and health in the future. Thanks for sharing your story! Best, Elaine Reed

  • Ok. So this could sound super weird and creepy (I hope it doesn't) but I saw the episode of "I'm pregnant and..." where you had baby Vincent and your story was so uplifting to see how you and Michael were so excited and I could just tell you would be great parents and I was wondering... How little baby Vincent is doing now? Is he still your only baby???

  • Hi I saw your episode on I'm pregnant....:. Just wanted to say I really admired how you were very inspiring! Have a good night

  • I am watching your discovery health program "I'm pregnant and may be having a dwarf". Your energy, and love for your husband and life reduced me to tears. I actually cried watching your son being born. I think I admire you most for being able to look beyond the superficial crap. Just thought I would let you know, You're are an amazing person.Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season to the Massett family.Lisa

  • you dont kno me but i just watched the show yu was on..''im pregnant &&... && i really admire yu guys.!!im happy for yu.!!&& watchin that sho taught me so much about relationships i mean i now have a new out look on it && im happy to say yu && ur husband taught me that :) i wanna have a relationship like yu guys one day.!-Nisha

  • I've seen you on discovery health and its my favorite episode. I'm 30 weeks pregnant and really enjoy 'I'm pregnant and', and seeing you with little Vinny just makes me so excited for our baby. :]

  • just watched you and your husband on the Discovery Channel.I wanted to thankyou for an enjoyable hour and letting the world see your beautiful son.Be safe and happy. Nancie

  • I am watching your documentary right now as we speak...and I want to let you know that you guys arew truly inspirational...I love that you foundt TRUE your husband is so LIVE and full of life...I haven't finished the episode yet lol..but again thx for showing me that REAL love exists

  • Just want u to know you have lots of inspiration and a pretty voice. What is your band and how can I get a cd. How is the baby doing? I wish u a happy holiday. Your baby is lucky to have U and Michael as parents. The love u have 4 eachother.

  • Dear Nicole,I just stayed up late tonight watching "I'm Pregnant And..." about your family. I just wanted to tell you how touched I was by the show. Many times I found myself tearing up because you and your husband are just the most incredible individuals and an amazing couple. I wish more people had the attitude you do: "It is what it is, so I'm just going to be happy about the blessings I have." My husband says this to me all the time, but you may just be the first person (other than him) I've ever seen who seems to truly live this out. Congratulations on your beautiful little boy, Vincent. I just adore babies (I've had four) and I ended up recording the show to share with my kids tomorrow. He was such an adorable baby; you are both so blessed.I hope you have that large family. Few people understand, as you and Mike do, that having a family is about bringing more love into the world. I pray that you have many more beautiful children, because our culture so desperately needs more people raised by loving, compassionate, and accepting parents like you two.Take care and thanks again for doing the show. It was very interesting, enlightening, and touching -Misty Mealey Roanoke, VA

  • Saw the show about ur beautiful boy. It was the song u were singing that I LOVED. Where can I hear more/purchase music? And congratulations....!Shelley Smith

  • Hi....I know this is kind of random, but one of my favorite shows is I'm Pregnant and....I just so happened to look you up and just wanted to let you know that i wish you and your family all the blessings in life!

  • Hi Nicole- We don't know each other, but I also have a new (ish-8 mos) baby, I watched your show this morning during one of our early feedings...and I was a teary mess the whole time (I think I'm still a little hormonal-perhaps you understand?) It was beautiful, and I wanted to wish you and your wonderful family all the best. A big high five for performing a week before your due date-and for living in Chicago! Give that adorable baby a squeeze from the south side! Becky

  • watched the discovery health episode of I'm pregnant and...I find you, and your husband (and his family) amazing. your son is beautiful...and I love your tattoos. I'll stop being creepy now. haha sorry! good luck and congratulations to you and your husband! ♥love always, Loralie the creeper :-p

  • Hello my friend and I were just watching your husband and you on tv. You both have such a positive outlook on life and seem so genuine, we respect that. I am so happy for you guys on the birth of your beautiful boy.

  • Hi Nicole, I requested you as a friend because I just saw the episode of "i'm pregnant and...". You are a top notch lady. I was brought to tears by the love that you and your husband share. Vincent couldn't ask for better parents. I wish you the VERY best.

  • I saw you on discovery health and am amazed by you and your family. Thank you for sharing your story!! We loved you and your husband!!! How are you??

  • I just saw your episode on TLC! Amazing!! How is Vincent doing? What an amazing story!

  • I saw you the other night on "im pregnant and....." and i just wanted to say i really liked the show!!!! You are an amazing momma!! And wife!! Take care!!!!

  • surfing through tv last night i saw something on discovery health that seemed interesting and i recorded it. my husband went to work this am and i settled into my morning ritual with our six month old son. i turned on the tv when lil tye went to sleep and watched the episode i recorded. i was totally blown away by you two and how amazingly lucky ya'll are. i saw u both and think that u two are a beautiful couple and are so blessed with ur little boy. it seriously put me in tears lady!! if ur down, go ahead and add me. id love to chit chat sometime. i love talkin with fellow mommies... especially ones with a great sense of style and individualism. take care of yourself and ur family and i hope to hear back from u. xxcrystal ventura county, ca

  • Nicole and Mike,I saw your show last night on Discovery Health. I wanted to tell you that your baby boy is beautiful. I wanted to wish you and your family all the happiness and joy possible.Sincerely,Melissa

.... It's so awesome to go back and read all of these. This last message gets me every time. Being able to touch someone's life like this is a true blessing....

First of all i wanted to say that when i was pregnant i seen the preview for the episode you were on but never got around to watching it then when i was 36 weeks preganant thats when i found out that my daughter was going to have achondroplasia..I was so scared naturally bc both me and her dad are average size and weren''t at all educated! I have done my own research and was still nervous. We spent 4 days in the NICU and came home...I have been doing my own thing and seeing the Dr's that have been necessary related to her condition. Just about 2 Weeks ago i finally recorded that i was watching all became so familiar i felt like i was watching my experience on tv..but to let you know you have tought me a few things and put at lot into perspective for me and my boyfriend...Vinney is so cute and not to mention we have family in the chicago area. I would recommend that episode to everyone who gets news like this about their child. I have actually considered asking the perinatal dr's here at Saint Johns to give parents a copy of this episode. I wish i would of watched it before i had my daughter. Right now she is your typical thriving newborn...Neck support is our only main concern. I just want to thank you for being brave and sharing your experience with the world bc you never know who you might educate and impact all at the same time! It has actually been a good resource for me and my family to help them understand. Thank you soo much! You and your husband are great! Attached is a picture of my precious daughter...I wouldnt change a thing about her and you never really truly know you have a precious gift until its handed to you..Im looking forward to becoming friends...thanx again!

Thank you ever one again for all of your love and support!!!!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sweet November

Well, first of all.. Halloween marks our 2 year Wedding Anniversary!! I love you Mr. Massett!! Thank you for being an amazing father, therapist, masseuse, care provider, husband and best friend. I got your back baby!
Vincent Valentino Massett aka Vince the Prince is 7 and a half months old!! He is doing great!! trying harder and harder everyday to crawl! He will be on the move soon, I know it!!! He is so much fun now. I love watching him explore anything he can get in his hands. He says Mama and Dada now... I don't think he knows what they mean .. but it sounds adorable!! Oh and that laugh.. he makes everything better.
Vincent and Mike have appointments with the great Dr. Pauli. This will be Vincent's first time seeing a specialist. We're aren't taking him because there is something wrong. We just feel it is good for him to be seen by a specialist just to make sure we aren't missing anything. Vincent's ped. is wonderful! but she said herself she doesn't know much about to to watch out for. She's reading the same stuff we are.

I'll update more after the appointment and everything slows down a little

Monday, August 23, 2010

What a relief!

Rather then get into detail about the MADNESS that has happened this month... I'm just going to make a quick list.
  1. Our Discovery Health show aired.
  2. 2 hours later we are in the ER
  3. Vincent is in the hospital for 6 nights .. He has Whooping Cough.
  4. While we SLEEPING at the hospital, our apartment flooded from the storm.
  5. Homeless
  6. Minerva saves the day, we stay in her spare room
  7. apartment hunt
  8. view apartments
  9. apartment hunt
  10. view apartment
  12. ugh.
  13. FInally in a sweeet apartment!

Vincent is 5 months!!!! He can now hold his head up when he's on his belly AND he can ROLL OVER!! and he LOVES IT!!!! We're introducing food and he's doing pretty decent. Babbling more and more everyday.... his discovered how loud he can scream... he thinks this is fun hahaha... it's adorable!!

We're moved into the new place .... unpacking slowly...
The pictures above were taken by my amazing friend Parker. (Mike and I met at her Wedding)
Mark and Parker came to visit. I miss them so much!!!! Love you guys!!

We played a show on August 21st!! It was so much fun! Hopefully there will be video up soon. We're working on new music and hopefully recording soon. We've received more emails than ever expected about the Discovery Health show. It's been amazing! There have been people that want more of our music and people that were inspired by our story.. oh and people that just think Vinny is the cutest thing ever! Of course (8 It's kind of a crazy feeling, but I love it! I'm so happy so many people were touched by our story.

Mike just left to a Movie gig ... I need to go back to sleep. I'm going to start keeping up with this blog ... maybe... enough.

It's 5:30am.. That's enough

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Vinny

I know I've said this before, but time is flying! I can't believe my sweet Vincent is already 4 months!
We flew to Southern California and surprised my Sister on her Son's first Birthday. Taking the early flight worked beautifully. Our flight was basically during the time he regularly sleeps. Normally a 12 day visit is plenty of time. Not this time. Of course Vinny was the star of the show, it was his first time meeting the rest of my family. My entire family is in Southern California. I miss them so much. It's very hard for me not raising my son around my family. I wish I could just move all of them here! At the same exact time, I LOVE living in Chicago and I think it is a great place to raise a child. What it really all comes down to is Medical care for Vincent. I could not possibly move my son away from the specialist that are in our area. I especially can not move him away from the free health care that has been offered to him by a Hospital with a team of Skeletal Dysplasia Specialists. Oh yeah, the free health care... is until he's 18!!!! What an amazing blessing! Dr. Pauli ("the" specialist) is also about 2 hours away. So regardless of how much I would love to be closer to the rest of my family, my son's health will always come first.
Speaking of health, my baby has his first cough! We've already taken him to the Doc. and he is fine. No fluid in his lungs, everything checks out fine. He has a simple throat virus. It breaks my heart to hear is little cough. Even though he's coughing A LOT, Vinny still manages to warm my heart with his smile. He smiles and sometimes laughs after he coughs! He as just started laughing! He's still trying to figure it out. Mike was able to record some of it. Not the best quality video, but it's PRICELESS! I posted it right before this post, check it out!
One more thing! Our Discovery Health episode airs on July 20th!!! I've watched the preview over and over again on the Discovery Health website! I can not wait to see the final episode!
That's enough.

Laughing with Daddy

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Discovery Health!!

July 20th at 9pm Eastern and Pacific our episode is airing! My husband and I are part of the series "I'm pregnant and..." Our episode is going to be the ONE HOUR SEASON PREMIER! Here is the preview
Click to watch!!!

I'm so excited!! I can't wait to see it!!
I'll post more of an update on Vinny later.... Everything is going great!